Aim of the method

Today we tend to spend much of our time to everything around us, sometimes losing the sense of here and now and, forget to spend time with each other. The aim of the Tell your Story cards is to help you start talking about yourself. About your experience. To get to know yourself and others. And to listen. Tell your Story cards not only encourage to share your life stories and get to know yourself better, but also develop communication, presentation and argumentation skills in order to successfully apply them in everyday life.

The method is based on the storytelling technique, which is developed through different questions and promotes active and clear expression of opinions. "Tell your Story" cards is the method that consist of 75 question cards and few informative cards. There is one sentence on each card that starts with " Tell...".

Non-formal education

Cards can be used as a tool for introductions, team-building, and promotion of tolerance to different cultures, values, religions etc., for example "Tell what your interests are!". Cards in English can be really helpful in international projects to reduce stereotypes, find similarities between people, and become friends!

Target group: NGO, NFE trainers, youth centres.

Business training

Cards can be used in business training to conduct ice breaker activities, get to know your colleagues again – in a new way, and promote teamwork. Selecting certain questions different topics can be discussed in groups, such as “Tell us what motivates you!”.

Target group: corporate trainers, HR specialists, start-ups, business incubators.

Educational institutions

Cards can be differently used in schools. They can be integrated into particular subjects, language learning, art of speaking, as well as individual consultations with students, for example, "Tell about the person that inspires you!". Cards can also be used as an entertaining game for leisure - "Tell funny story from the time you went to school!"

Target group: teachers, career consultants, social workers, school psychologists.

Individual consultations

Individual consultations sometime require to go deeper in some topics, which is not always easy to do. Cards can help to start personal conversation in a playful way. If cards are used by a competent professional, they acquire appropriate significance and help to achieve the necessary goals, for example "Tell what you're planning to accomplish in the next 12 months!"

Target group: psychologists, coaches, mentors, career consultants, recruiter.

Instructions for games